气力输送系统的形式与类型 (Type of PCS)


负压输送 (Vacuum / Suction System)
正压输送 (Pressure / Blowing System)
稀相输送 (Dilute / Lean Phase System)
中相输送 (Medium Phase System)
脉冲输送(Bed Phase) -- 固气比8~20;速度12~20m/s
密相输送 (Dense / Plug Phase System)
紊流输送(Turbo Phase) -- 固气比15~50;速度3~12m/s
柱塞流输送(Plug Phase) -- 固气比8~100;速度1~8m/s
闭路输送 (Close Loop System)
其它形式 (Various)


Most advanced dense phase pneumatic conveying system conveys bulk solid materials at a much slower velocity than traditional dilute phase pneumatic conveying system. Unlike dilute phase conveying, in which all the solid particles are suspended in a high speed gas stream, dense phase conveying moves material in a much slower and more concentrated manner, especially along the bottom of the pipeline.  The dense phase system will be designed to move material in a strand, slug / plug or fluidized mode depending on the nature of the material and the plant configuration. 

The dense phase and/or medium phase conveying method is typically capable of higher conveying rates and longer conveying distances. Usually higher capacity and higher conveying pressure dense phase system will need our specially designed primary pipe supports to absort the piping vibrating force during the product plug hitting the pipe bends.




Dense phase conveying is ideal for bulk solid materials that are abrasive, friable, tend to segregate, temperature sensitive, premixed materials or materials with higher bulk densities. Dense phase conveying is optimal for fine bulk solids such as fluidizable fine powders or for larger particles like beads, coarse granule, pellets, coffee beans or pet food.



A Compass dense phase system can be either a pressure conveying system or a vaccum conveying system. Materal pickup can be either a rotary valve station, a blow tank (pressure vessel) or a pick up nozzle / wand.



Advantages of Dense Phase 密相输送的优点

- Very low conveying speed means much lower power consumption than dilute phase, energy saving 30% ~ 50% or more

- Maitain product quality and particle size distribution, aviod segregation

- Avoid fines production (and angel hairs or streamer for plastic products), very low product loss in form of dust, only 1% ~ 10% vs dilute phase

- Eliminate product fines build-up on walls/bends

- Reduce system wear when handling abrasive products

- Reduce noise levels generated by the conveying piping, 10~25dBA noise less than dilute phase

- Reduce gas consumption when, for instance, conveying with nitrogen

- Combining dilute phase technology during pipe purging clean cycle when necessary

- Capable of high conveying rates and long distances

- Reliable & long working life – Compass dense phase systems have additional safety factors built in to ensure reliable  performance and reduce maintenance providing a long life cycle.

- 很低的输送速度意味着较低的输送能耗,与稀相输送相比节省30%~50%甚至更高

- 保持输送物料的品质和粒度分布,减少物料离析

- 减少输送磨损物料导致的细粉产生(以及减少塑料物料输送过程中的拉丝产生),节省物料损失,粉尘产生量只有稀相输送的1%~10%

- 减少细粉粘附在管道内壁

- 输送磨损性物料时减少管道弯头及设备磨损

- 减少输送噪音(管道内物料输送噪音通常比稀相低10~25dBA)

- 密相输送技术包含了稀相输送技术,在必要的管道吹扫清理阶段以稀相方式吹扫

- 适合更大的输送能力和更远的输送距离

- 可靠和稳定地长期工作,康柏斯密相输送系统特别考虑了更高的安全系数,确保可靠安全工作,减少维护需求同时长周期工作寿命


a Compass 80tph HDPE pellets dense phase conveying plant site, since 2005

一套康柏斯密相输送聚烯烃装置现场照片,HDPE颗粒,80吨/小时, 2005