We provide different types of batch mixing machines for bulk solid process applications, including but not limited to:


- Rotary Batch Mixer 旋转批量混合机(转筒式批量混合机)

Rotary Batch Mixer delivers uniform particle distribution, uniform liquid additions, cycle times under 3 minutes, gentle product handling, the lowest energy consumption, and complete discharge with no segregation. It also cleans and sanitizes quickly and easily preventing cross-contamination.

Rotary Batch Mixers produce homogeneous blends with no shear, discharge completely with no stratification and have no internal shafts or shaft seals to contact material.

Internal mixing flights direct material towards and through a stationary discharge gate which, together with multiple clean-out doors and unrestricted access to all internal surfaces, allows thorough cleaning and sanitizing in minutes.


- Ribbon/Paddle/Plow Mixer 螺带/桨叶/犁刀混合机

Ribbon, Paddle and Plow Blenders feature stationary U-shaped vessels with flat cover sections on top and a discharge valve on the bottom, and a single, horizontally-oriented shaft rotating on external bearings, with radial arms supporting ribbon, paddle or plow agitator elements, each of which offers distinct benefits across a diverse range of applications.

Mixing capacity is approximately 70 to 80% of total vessel volume, providing: 1) ample space for material flow on the upswing side of the agitator, 2) complete agitator contact with batch materials and 3) proper distancing of an optional spray manifold for introducing liquid additions on the downswing side of the agitator, resulting in uniform solids/liquids distribution.

One-piece welded construction, together with heavy-gauge walls and fully reinforced end panels, make these vessels extremely rigid, allowing for exceptionally tight agitator-to-vessel wall tolerances. This, in turn, minimizes residual product in the trough following discharge, reducing material waste and cleaning time.


- Cylindrical Plow Mixer 圆柱形犁刀混合机

With cylindrical vessel and a mixing shaft that rotates about 4-times faster than U-shape mixers. The vessel is typically filled to 60 percent of capacity that, together with fast rotation of the mixing shaft, serves to fluidize the material and fill the entire mixing vessel with airborne material, maximizing material transfer rates while minimizing impact and degradation.

Achieve 100% uniform blends of materials in ratios down to 1:1000, blend significantly faster than trough style horizontal mixers, and handle a greater variety of materials, including extremely fibrous, interlocking, dense, moist, sticky, abrasive, fragile or otherwise poor-flowing materials. Cylindrical Plow Blenders are not, however, recommended for mixing of pastes.

When equipped with spray nozzles to coat or agglomerate particles, often with less liquid than would be required with trough-style Ribbon, Paddle and Plow Blenders.

With single or multiple charging ports located on the top of the vessel, contoured access doors on the side, a bottom discharge port, and automated controls.

Although Plow Mixing Elements are typically employed, paddle agitators can also be used in cylindrical horizontal blenders.


- Vee Cone Blender V形混合机

Vee Cone Blender is comprised of two inclined cylinders that rotate, causing bulk material to fall and converge during half of the rotation, and divide during the other half. This mixing action requires significantly less horsepower/kilowatts than ribbon blenders and other agitated machines.

Smooth internal surfaces, with no internal baffles, shafts or bearings, allow unobstructed material flow, as well as complete discharge through a gate valve. The absence of residual material, together with easy access to internal surfaces through the discharge valve and doors at the ends of the inclined cylinders, allows thorough sanitizing in minutes, preventing cross-contamination between changeovers.

Uniform blends are typically achieved in 5 to 15 minutes with equal efficiency at fill volumes from 100% to 25% of rated capacity, depending on material.

Suitable for dry and granular materials, Vee Cone Blenders' tumbling action is gentler than agitated machines in which blades, paddles or plows are forced through stationary material.

When the gentle action of a Vee Cone Blender may be insufficient to break down soft agglomerates, an intensifier bar can be utilized to impart the shear needed to reduce these materials.

Can also be equipped with a Liquid Dispersion Intensifier Bar positioned within the mixing chamber to distribute liquids throughout the batch more thoroughly and rapidly, reducing cycle times.

The ultimate in simplicity and cleanability, these blenders are widely used in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food, chemical, plastics, ceramics and powder metal industries.


- Fluidized Bed Mixer 流化床形混合机

Fluidized Bed Mixers are recommended when mixing low- to medium-density materials (≤50 lbs/ft3 or ≤800 kg/m3) ranging from powders to pellets — particularly friable materials — with or without liquid additions, in applications requiring short cycle times, relatively gentle product handling and infrequent wash downs.

The Fluidized Bed Mixer is among the fastest of all mixers, with cycle times of 10 seconds to two minutes, with 30 seconds typical, yielding a ~5% CV (coefficient of variation).

Flat, angular paddles with overlapping paths effectively sweep material from two parallel U-shaped troughs toward the center and upward, causing it to become airborne in a "fluidized zone" above the longitudinal centerline of the mixing chamber, where discreet particles of batch ingredients readily intersperse, regardless of disparities in particle size, shape or bulk density.

The fluidized zone is also an ideal location in which to spray high- or low-viscosity liquids, which disperse more readily and can be added in relatively high volumes while maintaining free-flowing characteristics of the batch.

This fluidized mixing action also creates less shear than other agitated blenders which, together with extremely short mixing times, results in less product degradation.

The fluidized bed mixer also discharges more rapidly, through its full-length, drop-bottom gates, allowing material to empty from the machine rapidly.

And whereas ribbon, paddle and plow blenders leave a pronounced "heel" of material in the trough following discharge, the fluidized bed mixer evacuates a much greater percentage of material, reducing the need to manually remove — and waste — material between product changeovers.


- Batch Reactor / Dryer 批量混合反应干燥器

Suitable for the following production processes:
• Chemical reactions of several solid products with the possibility of liquid injection
• Exothermic reactions
• Drying with final moisture content <0.1%

Main features
• Management of the process time and temperature through the heat exchanger
• Short mixing time
• Extremely high mixing quality
• Batches with repeatable results
• Mixing ratio 1/100
• Coefficient of variation (CV): ≤ 3 %
• Low maintenance

Techanical features
• Batch size: from 65 to 28,000 liters (net)
• Cylindrical mixing chamber
• MIxing tools: ploughshare or mix paddle with or without toothed design
• Material of costruction: carbon steel / Hardox 450 / AISI 304 / AISI 316 / AISI 316Ti
•  Inspection door complete with safety electric lock
• Discharge door with round profile, building the bottom side of the mixing chamber 
• Rotor shaft with turned and coaxial ends
• Rotor shaft sealing system with packing seals and wear resistant ferrules to protect the rotor shaft, prepared for flushing with air / nitrogen
• Heat exchanger on mixing chamber for heating / cooling processes

• Construction for Full Vacuum application
• Construction for pressure application
• Declaration of conformity PED 2014/68/UE
• Declaration of conformity for contact with food according to regulations 1935/2004 EC and 2023/2006 EC
• Declaration of conformity Atex II 1/3D Ex h IIIB T135°C Da/Dc (Inside Zone 20, Outside Zona 22)
• carboide coating on mixing tools
• Liquid injection system
• Side mounted high speed choppers / Homogenizers
• Automatic Sampler
• Pneumatic panel
• Different finishes of parts in contact with product available on reques