We provide complete range of crushing & grinding & coating & classification equipment and process system, by integrating pre-cutting, crushing, chopping, ultrafine grinding, classification, fine pulping & dispersing, cooling or drying, and online particle image analyzing technology, for either thermo sensitive polymer resins, chemicals, drugs and food products, or inorganic soft or hard materials, or metal materials, no matter what the hardness or abrasiveness is. Our global top branding technology and equipment resources combining with our strong localized system engineering and aftersales service experience and capability ensure you the only path to access the superior quality whilst most cost effective crushing & grinding system package in the world market.



Our milling / grinding technology are listed as below and not limited to:


- Roll Mill 辊柱磨

- Ball Mill (dry or wet process) 球磨 (干法或湿法研磨)
- Centrifugal Impact Mill (Pin Mill) 离心冲击磨
- Attrition Mill 剪切磨
- Hammer Mill 锤磨
- Universal Mill 万能磨

- Cone Mill 锥磨

- Super Jet Microniser 气流磨