The Loading Bellow is used to convey (vertically by gravity) loose products from a storage bin or silo to a tank truck, container, an open lorry or for the creation of "heaps" in large squares or in the ship-holds.


These loading products can be powder, granules, pellets or chips, cereals etc.

Depending on the loading products or application, the Loading Bellow can be equipped with or without automatic cleaning dust filter (built-in filter), ventilation blower, different type of infeed devices like silde gate valve, butterfly valve, rotary valve, a feeding screw conveyor, a tube chain conveyor, a belt conveyor or even a pnenmatic conveying system etc.

And the outer duct is in flexible material, and inner duct can be either in flexible material or metal telescopic tubes in case of abrasive products.

The loading head can be modular positioning cone with specially designed conic rubber coating which provides accurate targeting and maximum sealing, or can be different types of skirt desgin for open truck or ship loading.





Per client's request, we can also provide multiple Loading Bellow Group for faster and easier loading, and no need to move the tanker / container trailer. For oxygen sensitive product loading, we can also introdce an air replacement and nitrogen blanketing system along the whole loading process. Blow process flowsheet is an example of what we designed and delivered for a customer's tanker loading system for loading BPA products (sensitive to oxygen) with complete nitrogen protection system.