Industrial automatic inline samplers are used to extract samples of free-flowing materials such as coal, aggregate, wood chips, minerals, chemicals, plastics, food and liquid. The design and operation of the sampler eliminates issues inherent with hand-sampling methods and provide representative and repeatable samples. We provide rugged industrial sampling systems for a variety of applications, and various types of automatic inline samplers used in gravity, pneumatic or liquid lines and can be installed in chutes or at the end and middle of moving belts. Controls and accessories such as collection carousels, mechanical dividers or pneumatic sample dilvery units, and PLC interface-capability are available.


The industrial automatic inline samplers and accessories we supply are as below but not limited to:


- Pneumatic Line Samplers (sampling probe with or without auger screw) 气动线性取样器(取样头带或不带螺旋)

- Mid-Belt Samplers (rotation scoop) 皮带中部取样器(旋转取样勺)

- Gravity Chute Samplers (cross-cut or sampling tube with auger screw) 重力流道取样器(截面切割取样或取样管带螺旋)

- Gravity Chute / Belt End Samplers (rotating sampling tube) 重力流道/皮带尾部取样器(旋转取样管)

- Sloped Gravity Chute Samplers (cross-cut) 倾斜重力流道取样器(截面切割取样)

- Belt-End Samplers (linear cross-cut) 皮带尾部取样(直线运行截面切割取样)

- Sample Collection Systems (hopper style or automated rotating indexing cabinet and jar collection) 样品收集系统(料斗式或自动旋转分配箱带样品瓶式)

- Mechanical Sample Dividers 机械式样品分配器

- Pneumatic Sample Delivery Units 样品气力传输系统

- Sampling Control System  取样控制系统


Difficult  materials  other  sampler  manufacturers  would  struggle  to  handle  have  been  sampled successfully with our Automatic Samplers. For reference, a list of typical products sampled is shown below: 


Alumina 氧化铝
Corn Starch 玉米淀粉
Potash 碳酸钾
Carbon Black 炭黑
Flour 面粉
Pulverised Fly Ash 磨细的飞灰
Cement 水泥
Gypsum 石膏粉
Talcum Powder 滑石粉
Clinker 炉渣
Lead Oxide 氧化铅
Titanium Dioxide 钛白粉
Coke 焦炭
Milk Powder 奶粉