There are two types of inline dust / particle detection instruments mainly used for below process purpose:



Dust Detect 粉尘检测仪

The Dust Detect is a single device dust detector that has been specifically designed to continuously monitor the flow of particulate emissions from small stacks or other emission points being passed through a filter within an air filtration system. It easily installs in the exhaust ductwork and can be used in conjunction with various types of bag, ceramic, cartridge or cyclone filters. The probe on the Dust Detect is designed to recognize abnormal particulate levels outside user-defined preset parameters and initiates an alarm when changes in emission exceed these levels.



Particulate Monitor 颗粒监测器

The Particulate Monitor is a particulate monitoring device designed for general process and environmental monitoring. This particulate monitoring system consists of a control unit, a particulate sensor and a sensor coaxial cable. Applications for the Particulate Monitor include continuous emissions monitoring, baghouse filter leak detection and process particulate flow monitoring. It detects many types of particulate including solid particulates such as dusts, powders, granulars and pellets. Particulate monitoring helps companies meet regulatory requirements by detecting leaks before emissions are visible, and prevents the escape of valuable powders while providing a cleaner, safer workplace.